Golden Danish Junior Open 2012
Part of the European Junior Curling Tour
31 August - 2 September 2012
Taarnby, Copenhagen
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The tournament committee has decided to cancel the 2013 edition of GDJO. The main reason is an uncertain situation regarding the top Danish junior teams, primarily due to ageing. We want to thank all national and international teams that during the last six years have visited Copenhagen and participated in our tournament. For most of those years we have had good and competitive events with top European teams kicking off the season at our curling rink. Information about a potential GDJO 2014 will be released in due time.
GDJO 2012 is over, and the winners are found. The GDJO crew would like to thank all the teams for participating, and special thanks to our helpers Per, Ann, Gitte, Laust, Anders and Lene, who handled the bar and serving at the banquet. We wish you all a good curling season of 2012/13. Remember to checkout the [facebook group]( and the [photo gallery](
![](/2012/news_images/winners.jpg) *Winners of GDJO 2012*